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Get Your Hands Off Me, You…

Posted in Art by m on May 18, 2018
Gorilla Watercolor 2015 (2).JPG

…cute lil’ monkey.



Watercolor Pine Trees

Posted in Art by m on May 14, 2018

Painting snow is easy. You just don’t paint it. It’s painting everything around it that’s hard.

Visit The Gem City

Posted in Art by m on May 8, 2018
Dayton Ohio - Watercolor Poster (2).jpg

Travel posters can be lots of fun. I worked on variations of this one for quite a while before giving up. I’m happy with it, despite the Leaning Carillons of Dayton.

Funny Raccoon

Posted in Art by m on May 6, 2018

Raccoon Watercolor 2016.JPG

According to the National Trappers Association, “raccoons do not hibernate during extreme weather, but they do stay in dens for weeks at a time using up stored body fats.” Sounds a lot like hibernation to me.


Posted in Art by m on April 29, 2018

Farm scenes are strange as art. For people who spend time there, they are places of labor and toil, yet they hold a noble place in our imaginations.

Lincoln, Abraham

Posted in Art by m on April 25, 2018
Abraham Lincoln Watercolor 2016.JPG

Abraham Lincoln, Official Presidential Portrait – I am not making a conscious political point with this portrait. Lincoln is a common motif for me and I like the way this one turned out.

Farm Scene on Notch Cut

Posted in Art by m on April 7, 2018

When a tree is chopped down, the first remnant is the notch cut, which is a wedge in the shape of a half circle. I originally wanted to paint a rainbow on it given the shape. I settled for a nice hill country barn scene because the alcohol inks I was using were as uncontrollable as my children. I think I used to much sealer before adding the ink. I finished it with glossy polyurethane.

Wood Reliefs

Posted in Art by m on April 6, 2018

Besides comics and painting, I also enjoy woodworking. I tried combining the two hobbies this winter by doing some wood reliefs. I used a couple of old chisels to carve these two reliefs. I prepped both with gesso and then painted the one in the homemade frame with alcohol ink, the other with watercolor. I put some tung oil on them, which caused the watercolor to run a bit. I like the end results.