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Orange/tan Orangutan

Posted in Miscellaneous by m on May 27, 2018
March 2018 Orangutan - Watercolor.JPG

An orange/tan orangutan


Get Your Hands Off Me, You…

Posted in Art by m on May 18, 2018
Gorilla Watercolor 2015 (2).JPG

…cute lil’ monkey.


Watercolor Pine Trees

Posted in Art by m on May 14, 2018

Painting snow is easy. You just don’t paint it. It’s painting everything around it that’s hard.

Visit The Gem City

Posted in Art by m on May 8, 2018
Dayton Ohio - Watercolor Poster (2).jpg

Travel posters can be lots of fun. I worked on variations of this one for quite a while before giving up. I’m happy with it, despite the Leaning Carillons of Dayton.

Funny Raccoon

Posted in Art by m on May 6, 2018

Raccoon Watercolor 2016.JPG

According to the National Trappers Association, “raccoons do not hibernate during extreme weather, but they do stay in dens for weeks at a time using up stored body fats.” Sounds a lot like hibernation to me.


Posted in Art by m on April 29, 2018

Farm scenes are strange as art. For people who spend time there, they are places of labor and toil, yet they hold a noble place in our imaginations.

Lincoln, Abraham

Posted in Art by m on April 25, 2018
Abraham Lincoln Watercolor 2016.JPG

Abraham Lincoln, Official Presidential Portrait – I am not making a conscious political point with this portrait. Lincoln is a common motif for me and I like the way this one turned out.

Astro City

Posted in Miscellaneous Comics by m on April 23, 2018

Image result for astrocity dark ageI never particularly enjoyed superhero comics, but as a youngster, the two that I enjoyed were “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” and “Watchmen.” Their deconstruction of superheroes and the superhero genre was novel.

The style of those two comics, with first-person narrative and moral challenges, were then copied and hacked to death.

Rather than deconstructing the superhero genre, “Astro City” comics try to construct it by placing heroes in a living, breathing world where life goes on not because of their heroic actions but despite their heroic actions. The focus of Busiek’s best stories is on the citizens who look up at the heroes briefly and then carry on with their daily work. They are irritated by the distractions superheroes cause or, perhaps, they are themselves super-powered folk who use their abilities to further their careers rather than save lives.

Image result for astrocity dark ageIn “Astro City: The Dark Age,” a two-part series, Charles and Royal struggle with their relationship to superheroes in Astro City. Their strained relationship is centered on their mutual distrust of superheroes and villains. Superheroes come and go throughout the book in a rather blasé manner as Charles and Royal evolve. The two books in the series unfold slowly over the course of about twenty years with flashbacks and shifting narrative perspectives.

Because of the dull, repetitive stories in the superhero genre, I have ignored it. However, I was attracted by the lovely and often incongruous painted covers of “Astro City.” Fortunately, the stories were equally interesting and equally engaging.