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I scanned the old books and put them in PDF format (you can get a PDF reader at Adobe’s website). The files are big by Midwest standards, so it might take a minute to download the comics, although a couple are small because they were scanned in low resolutions. You can still buy hard copies of all the books through the mail. Just drop me a line! believe-in-yourself-poster

Kyle & Barry – December 1997, 18 pages, $1. Midville High School holds annual Student Congress elections, and usually the election outcomes are well defined; however, when Barry agrees to become Kyle’s campaign manager, and challenges the reign of all-star quarterback Steve Mitchell, anything can happen! Find out what happens in this exciting issue.

Kyle & Barry – April 1998, 20 pages, $1. The dynamic duo, eager for work, volunteer to help out at the local library. The Chief Librarian expects a lot from Kyle and Barry, but just who is in charge at the Community Library, anyway? To learn more about this exciting adventure, order today.

Kyle & Barry – August 1998, 8 pages, $.25. This is the first Kyle & Barry mini-comic ever published! Find out what happens in this fresh limited edition issue. Available in black and white as well as black and yellow.

Kyle & Barry – October 1998, 24 pages, $1. To get first chair bass clarinet, some people work hard. Some study for years. Others are blessed with a second chair who doesn’t practice. Others get the prize by default. Some . . . sell their soul!

Kyle & Barry – December 1998, 12 page digest, $.50. This episode is full of extreme sledding adventures with Kyle, Barry and their friend June! It’s snazzy.

Midville High #1 – March 1999, 20 page digest, $1 postage paid. Both Kyle and Barry try to overcome challenging obstacles as June stands by. Anyone can sympathize with Barry’s problem, but Kyle’s is . . . well, different!

Midville High #2 – July 2000, 16 page digest, $1 postage paid. What kind of adventure goes on in this action-packed episode? Can one of our Midvillian friends find the answer to one of the greatest mysteries of the world? What’s the Gallon Challenge? Hmm…I wonder. Why not order your copy today and to find out!?

Midville High #3 – June 2007, 20 page digest, $1 postage paid. A fast-talking guidance counselor helps Kyle investigates future vocational possibilities. Barry tries to out-fun Mr. Jones, but is the joke on Barry?

Midville High #4 – May 2009, 20 page digest, $1 postage paid. When the mysterious Mr. Rodberg puts Kyle on daily practice sheets for band, our hero pushes back. Unfortunately, his dedicated band classmates push back harder!


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  1. dad said, on May 11, 2009 at 10:44 AM

    Great! This is a really classy site. And I’m glad we have an archive for the CBBs.

  2. mvblair said, on May 11, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    Jeez, Dad! Did you have to embarrass me on my own website!?

    No, I’m just kidding. Thanks for the complement, Dad! I had fun yesterday, even though the movie wasn’t that great. –Matt

  3. Chio said, on June 20, 2009 at 7:50 PM

    I love your comics, you are super talented, CBBs is great!

  4. mvblair said, on June 21, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    Thank you, Chio! I’m very proud to have such a wonderful wife like you. You do a great job of helping me to write these comics.


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