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Wood Reliefs

Posted in Art by m on April 6, 2018

Besides comics and painting, I also enjoy woodworking. I tried combining the two hobbies this winter by doing some wood reliefs. I used a couple of old chisels to carve these two reliefs. I prepped both with gesso and then painted the one in the homemade frame with alcohol ink, the other with watercolor. I put some tung oil on them, which caused the watercolor to run a bit. I like the end results.


La Soda Tica

Posted in Art by m on April 4, 2018
Soda (para Sonia)

This is a painting of a typical soda, or little restaurant, in Costa Rica. I gave the painting to the owner of a soda.

Boyero II

Posted in Art by m on April 2, 2018
Costa Rica Ciencia Ficcion 2018 - Watercolor (4)

This is another gimmick which gives me just another reason to paint a landscape.


Posted in Art, Miscellaneous by m on March 25, 2018
Costa Rica Ciencia Ficcion 2018 - Watercolor (2)

I like doing these types of landscapes but I’m not the best artist in the world. I think a gimmick helps.

“The Tick”

Posted in Miscellaneous Comics by m on May 5, 2017
The-Tick-1-cover“The Tick” is one of the most infuriating comics ever, despite being one of my favorites. That there are so many reprints under different titles and in different trade paperbacks makes it extremely difficult to follow.
Still, there are few funnier comics. From Arthur to Chairface Chippendale, from his creator Ben Edlund to his worthy successor Sean Wang, the comics I’ve read have been great. They’re slapstick and satirical. It’s been eleven years since a new comic was published. Fortunately, it looks like there will be a new “The Tick” comic in August this year.

Apparently a new show is going to air on Amazon TV and the new comic will coincide with that. Why the original show was cancelled after just a handful of episodes we’ll never know. I sincerely thought it was funny, as good as the cartoon show.

“The Tick,” like the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” earlier, is a success story from the ’80s of independent comics getting picked up and turned mainstream, with good reason.

Coffee Drip

Posted in Art by m on March 7, 2017

Cafetera 2017 (1)

She can’t help herself with the coffee, my wife. As in infant, her mom dipped a thumb into fresh-brew and let her suck on it. Since those early days in Costa Rica, my wife has been hooked. She decked out our kitchen in coffee paraphernalia and asked for a proper-sized painting, which I happily supplied considering freelance jobs are tough to come by these days. She went with the one in the middle.

Cafetera 2017 (4)

Cafetera 2017 (5)

Nostalgic Politic

Posted in Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous Comics by m on February 5, 2017

“Groo the Wanderer,” by Sergio Aragonés

My brother and I read  “Groo the Wanderer”for many years. While buying a “Barbie” comic with my daughter today, I felt nostalgic and grabbed a few yellowed Groo comics. Great stuff. It always gives me some genuine smiles.

The editor was Mark Evanier, a well-know writer himself. I looked him up on the ‘net and found that he is quite politically opinionated and unafraid to discuss his ideas. In addressing his criticisms of Trump, it occurred to me that perhaps one of the reasons he dislikes the new president is that Trump has, at best, a mocking and condescending toward Latin Americans. As the editor of various Groo titles over the years, Evanier is no doubt still close to Sergio Aragonés, the Spanish and Mexican author.

Where would we be without people like Aragonés, who have provided many of us with laughter for years? Where would we be without people like Sanchéz, who kept us dry by hot-tarring our roofs? Where would we be without people like Ramiréz, who has kept track of our blood pressure for years and stitched our cuts and helped us get healthy?

These people belong to our country and deserve to be here as much as my immigrant ancestors. To scapegoat them is a disservice to what makes this country great. Just as Aragonés’ contributions to comics have been invaluable, so have the contributions of immigrants from any number of countries. For this reason, attempts to wall them out, ban them, and otherwise minimize their potential contributions will have a detrimental impact on our quality of life, as well as theirs. Let’s say “no to the wall” and “no to the ban”

Lo, How the Meekly Have Fallen

Posted in Miscellaneous by m on January 18, 2017

Another little drawing from another number of years ago.