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Midville High #1

midville-high-1-previewWhen I started this site a number of years ago, I could not find a copy of Midville High #1. I finally found it and scanned it! While most people couldn’t care less, I am very excited.

The story holds up well and I like the pacing. The art is Michaelangeloesque, as always. Right, guys? Along with all the other comics you can check it out on the Books page or download it right here: Midville High #1. All the comics are in PDF format and can be downloaded to tablets and most e-readers.

I’ve got two more Midville High comics that I made about ten years ago but haven’t published. I suppose I should just put them up digitally. I certainly pine for the days when I would go to small press comic conventions and trade my comics with strangers and acquaintances. Somewhere along the way, a job and a family happily got in the way, but seeing this now twenty-year-old comic brings back good memories.


“Naturally Leathery Soles”


From 1999

Renting Movies Was Hard

A page from 1999

A page from 1999
Bruce Li was a real actor. He played Bruce Lee in several movies.

Kyles and Barries of School Years Past

As the school year begins anew, I wanted to share a picture of Kyle and Barry from days of yore. At times during my long-ago adolescence, such as during Mr. Brown’s science class, I had penchant to doodle in the margins of my studiously-taken notes. That is to say, I filled entire notebooks with comics…

December 1997

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This is the cartoon from the back page of the first issue of “Kyle & Barry,” published in December, 1997.

A fifteen-year-old cartoon

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It would seem that Kyle and Barry are locked outside. This happened to my brother and I a couple of times. We usually just broke the screen and pried open a window. I guess that’s what Barry is starting to think.

A Philosophical Construct

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A cartoon from 1998 or 1999.

I’ve had dozens of good conversations over the years based on the premise of a hypothetical animal disfigurement rewarded by tremendous financial outcome.


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This was probably hilarious to me at some point...for the life of me, I have no idea why.