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You can download comics for free from the books page.


Choosy Beggar Books is a one-person operation, publishing Midville High, a comic originally published as Kyle & Barry. I’ve been photocopying the comics since 1998. Unfortunately, like all small press and mini-comics, nobody buys them, so I decided to throw them up on the internet and hope people will download them as PDFs. The comics are based somewhat on my buddies and our life in high school.

When I first started making comics, my brother Tom encouraged me the most simply by reading my comics in high school and telling me that they were good, even though I think he lacked conviction. Brandon, a high school friend whom I’ve lost touch with, also gave me plenty of reasons to start writing these comics when we traded our loose-leaf pages in Rex’s health class. These comics are loosely based on my buddies and our life in high school.

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