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Posted in International Comics by m on May 22, 2015
Buba from

Buba from “Hooked”

The BBC continues experimenting with comics as reporting, although their most recent attempt is fiction based on reporting. The fifth of five installments was released today. “Hooked” is the story of Buba, a young man in Guinea-Bissau who becomes addicted to drugs.

The author, an English reporter named Benjamin Dix, spent time in Guinea-Bissau before writing the short script for the comic. The artist, English-Nigerian political cartoonist Tayo Fatunla, is known more for artistic editorials than comics.

Unfortunately, “Hooked” comes off more as a public service announcement than a comic. It is not terrible, but it moves like a pamphlet or a Chick tract than something you read once and return to a second time for the art. Were “Hooked” to be longer and more character-driven, it would certainly be much more interesting.


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