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Priya Kurian

Posted in International Comics by m on March 10, 2015
Nike Granny by Priya Kurian

Priya Kurian’s “Gramma Rocks the Nikes.”

I recently came across artist Priya Kurian when I read this illustrated article on the BBC. Look at those delightful pictures!

After a quick search, it seems that she mostly works with book illustrations, but also dabbles in advertising, comics, and animation. Kurian maintains two blogs (I’m not sure what the difference is): Delhittante and etcetera etcetera. Most of her casual work seems to focus on Indian daily life, but her for-hire illustrations range from folktales to young adult novels to, well, anything else.

There is a great universality to her pictures. Take the example to the right. Replace the dress with anything else and you have a scene from anywhere else in the world. Very cool.

I just love her natural drawings and colors. You can search all day but you won’t find an artist with more interesting work today!


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