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“Meet the Somalis”

Posted in International Comics by m on November 12, 2013
A panel from "Somalis in Europe"

A panel from “Somalis in Europe”

If you have a chance, check out the collection of stories recently published by Open Society Foundation. “Meet the Somalis” includes 14 stories about Somalis who have moved to Europe. Benjamin Dix interviewed the subjects and wrote their stories and then Lindsay Pollock lovingly drew the illustrations. You can download the whole comic here in PDF format or read it in Flash.

The comics are very interesting because of their topic. They are illustrated narratives, so the connection between the words and pictures is sometimes too explicit. Nevertheless, the art is beautiful in its simplicity and design. Each panel is interesting. It would be great to see this project expanded.

There are several European non-governmental organizations or inter-governmental organizations that are publishing comics about African migrants. Most of them are based on the stories of migrants and then rewritten or drawn by Europeans, as is the case with “Meet the Somalis.” Some of the comics, including those published by the UNHCR, use Mediterranean boat disasters to discourage Africans from moving to Europe.


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