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“The Dark Knight Returns” Movie

Posted in Miscellaneous Comics by m on August 20, 2012

Panels from “The Dark Knight Returns”

I’m not a big fan of superheroes. The genre just doesn’t draw my attention, with the exception of Batman.

“The Dark Knight Returns,” published in 1986, is a deconstruction of superheroes and is the best comic published heretofore. “The Dark Knight Returns” picks up Batman’s career 10 years after he supposedly retired. Batman realizes that the world has gone cynical, calling him a superhero fascist, accusing him of child abuse by recruiting Robin, and finding out that Catwoman, his ex-lover, now runs an escort service.

“Batman: The Animated Series,” run in the ’90s, is the best incarnation of Batman, despite being run as a kid’s show. It was dark and sparse, capturing a perfect feel of Gotham City that until then had been hokey in comics, on TV, or in cinemas. It could have done well as an hour-long show and, truthfully, I didn’t like the episodes in which villains were introduced with the same, tired plots, but it was nevertheless a good show.

Now, it looks like the producers of “The Animated Series” are making a movie out of “The Dark Knight Returns.” I can think of no better producer, because they captured the feel of what I want Batman to be. I’m glad that it will be an animated movie, too. A bigger budget Hollywood movie would lead to some of the ridiculousness that we’ve seen in prior Batman movies (and even some of these new ones). After watching the sneak peek on Youtube, it looks like it will be very faithful to the comic. Alfred looks just as I remember him from the comic, as does Robin, the villain, and Batman, shooting through the night sky with lightning in the background.

Thanks to Rodrigo for telling me about the movie!


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