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Armenian Comics Festival

Posted in International Comics by m on May 17, 2012

Poster for Armenian Comics Festival

Armenia, the tiny landlocked former Soviet Republic, is hosting their third International Comics Festival. The festival was held in the city of Yerevan, which was chosen by the United Nations as the 2012 “World Book Capital.”

Paolo Cossi’s “Big Evil”

The festival featured several exhibitions, including an exhibit called “Never Forget,” which focused on genocide. This is obviously not a very fun subject for a comics festival; however, it is an important one, especially considering the Armenia Genocide that took place during the First World War. Italian writer Paolo Cossi’s graphic novel, “Big Evil,” was presented at the exhibit.

In addition, “My Armenia” debuted. “My Armenia” is a collection of comics stories from 20 Armenian writers. The French Embassy of Armenia collaborated to publish the book. Dikran Mangassarian’s work is in the collection, which unfortunately, is small press and unavailable outside of the local market. If anybody has any scans, I would love to see them!


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