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“The Spirit” Movie Review

Posted in Miscellaneous by m on May 7, 2011

The story begins with the producer of a movie taking a cute comic strip and turning it into a script with hackneyed dialogue, mostly one-liners stolen from any number of ’90s Schwarzenegger movies. The producer discovers the high contrast button on his camcorder and decides to film an entire movie with as such. Throughout the movie, the characters undergo a transformation from cardboard cut-outs to cookie cutter cut-outs.

Sarcasm aside, “The Spirit” is an awful movie. It’s all sizzle and no steak. And the sizzle gets annoying. Starring a guy I’ve never heard of as the title character, the action is hackneyed. Typical punch-and-kick stuff. The villain is some kind of cowboy samurai who dresses up in a Nazi SS uniform. The writing comes straight out of bad comic books, with one-liners like “shut up and bleed” and “she provides for me, my city does. She gives me everything I need.” The “dames” spend the movie striking pin-up poses and showing off their cherry red lipstick against a black and white background.

I’ve read the comic strip, by Will Eisner, a few times. It’s not as good as Eisner’s New York City stuff, but it’s fun entertainment. Between the newsprint and the celluloid, a lot of people dropped the ball to make this awful movie.

The good thing is that I checked this out from the library. It was due back at the same time as the book I got about decorating, so luckily I didn’t have to make a special trip back to return “The Spirit.”


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