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El Chamuco

Posted in International Comics by m on February 4, 2011

El Chamuco is a Mexican magazine with some comics in it. It is decidely leftist as far as politics go. This is no surprise considering one of the founding editors is Rius, one of the first people to do an informational comic (to his fame: “The Tricky History of Capitalism,” “Coke: The Refreshing Drug,” and “The Stooped,” which was a pretty funny comic book). El Chamuco small articles that criticize globalization and a few very pointed one-page comics. Check out page 20 in issue 211 for “Land is for the One Who Works It,” a silent comic (typical in Latin American) by political cartoonist Angel Boligana Corbo.

I think “chamuco” is a word used to describe a cute little devil in slang.


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