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“King Aroo” Review

Posted in Miscellaneous Comics by m on February 28, 2010

In college, I spent way too many hours reading old newspapers on microfiche. I always jumped to the comic strip section. After reading several months of “King Aroo,” fell in love with it.

The characters are innocent and gentle. They find themselves constantly mixed up in awkward situations. Their attempts to resolve a crisis usually result in the creation of another crisis.

IDW’s imprint, The Library of American Comics, reprinted two years worth of “King Aroo” in a wonderful format. There are three strips per page, reprinted at a nice size, making it easy to read. According to the publisher, they did not want to interrupt the continuity of the weekday stories, so the colored Sunday strips are collected toward the end of the book with one per page.

The reproductions of the black line art are just wonderful. Even without looking hard, you can see the smooth lines and pick up on the general emotions of the characters because of how clean the art is. As I understand it, the Kent family gave the publisher access to much of the original art. The publisher did a wonderful job maintaining the integrity of that art.

Both Kent’s art and writing could stand alone. Combined, they show just how wonderful comics can be. I look forward to other “King Aroo” books from this publisher.


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