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Posted in "Midville High" Comics by m on November 16, 2009

Richard Krauss from Midnight Fiction gave “Midville High” a positive review. The Midnight Fiction website has a lot of good, humorous comics (check out Bob Votjko’s strips), so I was happy to get a nice review. Here is a link to the review, which I’m also copying-and-pasting below.

Midville High #3 & #4 by Matt Blair

1999 Kyle Reading Clip ArtThe May 2007 and June 2009 editions of Midville High each feature a zine-length comic adventure with best friends Kyle and Barry. The two students’ adventures at Midville are inspired by (or based) on real-life high school angst and academia. Blair has a natural, easy-going style of storytelling. His stories are clear and nicely paced. Like a well-written sitcom, the adventures of Kyle and Barry strike a good balance between plot and jokes.

In issue #3, Kyle, Barry, and June take a career aptitude test. The results indicate that Kyle’s innate talents make him a natural for a career in farming. He heartily embraces the idea and immediately transforms into a folksier version of himself, complete with a countrified twang.

In issue #4, Mr. Rodberg, the band instructor, puts Kyle on a strict schedule of practice that must be verified with a note from his mother. The divisional contest is coming up quick and even his fellow band members feel Kyle is stinking up the band. Desperate measures are required.

Blair’s cartoons are very simple, but his characters and the action both read clearly. The words and pictures work well together to tell the story and keep you turning the pages. For scene changes he throws in little static panels of high school related images—the Guidance Counselor’s office, a school lunch-size carton of milk, etc. They work brilliantly, creating just the right pause between scenes and pulling the reader further into the world of high school.

Blair’s Choosy Begger Books is credited with publishing the comics and he runs a sketch blog by the same name. When you click on the Books link you can download issues of Midville High and its companion title, Kyle & Barry as free PDFs.

Midville High #3 & 4 are both 16 b&w pages, plus covers. 8.5″ x 5.5″, printed, folded, and stapled. They’re available for $1 each from Matt Blair or he’s happy to trade with other comikers.


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