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Sherman’s Lagoon

Posted in Miscellaneous Comics by m on October 2, 2009

Between work and a continuing education class, I’m slowly reading my way through a book of “Sherman’s Lagoon” newspaper strips by Jim Toomey. The book has plenty of great gags and jokes about a cast of sea creatures. One thing that I absolutely love about the strip is that the characters really live underwater and many of the strips are based on that.

Occasionally, Toomey will have his characters use computers or technology, which forces the joke and takes it out of the sea context. In such cases, the strip is less charming because it could have any character instead of a sea creature. Unfortunately, this seems to be more common for Toomey. In reading a month’s worth of recent cartoons at the “Sherman’s Lagoon” website, it seems that the strip has moved more in the direction of “humanizing” or decontextualizing the sea creatures. That’s a little disappointing for me, but the strips are still very funny.

“Sherman’s Lagoon” is definetely a fun read. I recommend it to comics fans interested in a good laugh.


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