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Posted in "Midville High" Comics by m on September 10, 2009

I sent Kevin Bramer of OpticalSloth.Com a few comics the other week. He reviewed Midville High #3 in the September 4th, 2009 column. At least he didn’t say it was good for composting:

Midville High #31999 Kyle Reading Clip Art

Maybe I should invent some kind of a code that lets the reader know if a particular comic is available for free on the author’s website.  In this case: yes, it is, along with a whole pile of other comics from the man.  Makes all this rambling I do a bit irrelevant, but that’s never stopped me before!  Matt makes it clear in the letter he sent along with the comic that this mini might not be for everyone, as he describes it as “clean, innocent and unassuming”.  Cynical as I may have become in my elder years (although, to be honest, I’ve been cynical since puberty hit), even I can’t think of that as automatically a bad thing.  Indeed, it’s refreshing.  Very few people doing comics seem to see the world as anything other than a bleak, hopeless hellhole, and it can get more than a little bit old when I’m reading at least one of these things every day.  This is the story of a group of high school friends: Kyle, June & Barry.  They’ve just taken the career aptitude tests, and Kyle gets “farm hand”.  I’m not sure what type of a guy Kyle was before this issue, but it sure seems like this is shocking news to him.  Meanwhile Barry has some fun mocking his science teacher and June mostly helps Kyle deal with his transformation into a farm hand.  It is remarkably wholesome, granted, but he does manage to get some funny lines in there, and it’s not that special brand of obnoxious wholesome.  There are, for example, no “awwww” moments in here, nothing that forces you to wallow in cuteness.  For the true cynics in the crowd, and I’m sure there are plenty, Matt might be right about this not being for you.  Still, it’s easy enough to find that out, what with so much of his work being available for free at his website.  As for me, I liked it and, as usual, sampled my favorite page from the comic.  Read it and discover your own reaction! $1


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