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Posted in "Midville High" Comics, Miscellaneous Comics by m on May 15, 2009

Midville High SchoolMany years ago, when I went to my first comic convention with my big brother, I brought a few issues of Midville High. One thing that I really enjoyed was trading my comic for the comics that other people made.

This April, I went to the Gem City Comic Con in the Gem City, Dayton. Very few people wanted to trade their small press comics. I’d walk up to someone’s table and say “hey, wanna’ trade comics? I’ve got this digest here and your mini comics look pretty cool.” Almost everybody said “nah, I just sell them.”believe-in-yourself-poster

That’s frustrating because I know that they’re not making a profit in any event. I mean, they’d have nobody at their table for 30 minutes and the last guy at their table was trying to figure out why somebody would pay $2.50 for a pint-sized comic “anthology” trying to immitate Robert Crumb (the only thing worse than Robert Crumb is a Robert Crumb imitator).

So, why not be a nice guy or gal and trade?

The good thing is that the traders are all very nice, talkative people. I guess that goes without saying. There were a couple of very nice guys and gals who wanted to trade. That’s cool.

Teachers, EMTs, and small press folks need to just accept the fact that they’re not going to get rich from their work. We need to be satisfied with our work as it is, as a process, instead of trying to cut profits. If somebody wants to get rich through this stuff, it’s better to take the money he/she spent on a fancy print job and buy lottery tickets.


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